Online shopping guide by Vica 🛍

Hi everybody! 🙂 I’ve finally decided to write about one of my main.. Well, I wouldn’t call it an “obsession”.. Let’s say something I really – REALLY – enjoy doing in my spare time (and sometimes even when I should be studying, whoops!).

Living in a city (and in general, in a country) where loads of international brands don’t sell nationwide (some just have like 1-2 shops in the whole country, usually in Milan and/or in Rome) or none at all, the only way to stay up to date on fashion and buy something you can’t find in shops is surfing the Internet. You can find pretty much anything – yes, ANYTHING – you just have to google it. Also, you can get very good deals on many websites when it comes to season – or clearance, but sometimes even random – sales.

The websites I’m going to write something about are: American Apparel, ASOS, Beauty Bay, Crazy Factory, Drop Dead, Firebox, Geek Chic Cosmetics, Just Eros, Love Make Up, MUA Make up Academy, Zalando. I’ve classified this websites by what they sell. Keep reading for a brief and absolutely personal experience-based shopping guide.

– Basically everything


asos 2

Based in: London, UK

ASOS is my favourite website. Whether I need to buy something or I’m just looking for inspiration, I always find what I need. And they sell, as the title suggests, everything. From dresses to cute and funny stationary, from accessories to lunch boxes (again, very cute and funny ones). They also sell any kind of brands, from most common to most exclusive ones. They also have their own brand and various sub-brands, like ASOS Curve, ASOS Maternity, ASOS Petite and many many more. And standard shipping only costs 3 pounds/3 euros and it’s free for orders over 20 pounds/24.99 euros!

What are you waiting for? Sales are now on, so go get inspired! They ship worldwide 😉

– Clothing and accessories 


Based in: Los Angeles, CA

I don’t think American Apparel needs any introduction. Their provocative ads and the originality in their products (see the many kinds of patterns and materials they use to create a huge variety of clothes) are well know all over the world. Prices can be quite high for certain products (let’s say almost all of them). If you are not lucky enough (like me) to live in a big city, you may be glad to know that they ship worldwide! Also, the brand reserves some secrets sales once in a while for those who are subscribed to their newsletter and sends them a discount for their birthday to use sitewide!


Based in: Sheffield, UK

Drop Dead is getting more and more famous everyday, especially in the hardcore-alternative scene, and it’s not just a case, as it was founded by Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oliver Sykes. Their outrageous kind of illustrations is what distinguishes their products from the rest of graphic tees on the net, and that’s why their are not very cheap. However, European and International shipping only costs 4.95 pounds. Also, they have two stores in the UK, one in London and one in Sheffield.


Based in: Berlin, Germany

Zalando, like ASOS, has a pretty wide range of brands to choose from. They also have their own label, called Zalando Essentials. What makes this website great is the 100 days return policy, which is not bad at all if you are busy or very indecisive. Their prices are pretty much accessible for anyone and… Shipping is free 🙂

– Make up only


Based in: London, UK

What characterizes MUA‘s products is their great price-quality ratio. You can literally spend just 1.50 euros for a incredibly pigmented, long lasting lipstick, as you can read from the mostly positive reviews. I bought their Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Palette once and it’s pretty good! Try it and see! Standard delivery costs 5.50 pounds for European orders and 8,50 pounds for International orders.


Based in: Stanstead Abbotts, UK

Love Make Up sells beauty products from all over the world and to all over the world, like Lime Crime or LA Splash Cosmetics 😀 delivery charges outside the UK are not very cheap (8.95 pounds for European orders and 12.50 pounds for International orders), but I can assure you that is pretty fast!


Based in: Manchester, UK

On Beauty Bay you can shop both their own collection and lots of famous beauty brands, which are constantly discounted. Delivery costs depend on your country (you can select it before checking out), but their standard delivery service (called International Saver) is free for orders over 15 euros. Not bad uh?


Based in: Cornelius, OR

If you are a TV series/anime/superheros junkie, Geek Chic Cosmetics is perfect for you. All their products are, as its name suggests, inspired by geeky kind of stuff. What I love about this website is that you can buy samples (a bought four last year, maybe one day I’ll write something about them)! There are various shipping costs, depending on your country.

– Funny gadgets and gifts


Based in: London, UK

Firebox is the kind of online shop you’ll be grateful for when you’ll have to buy the next birthday present for that friend who’s obsessed with Breaking Bad but already got all the DVDs. All kidding aside, in this website there are loads of pop culture-inspired gadgets for all ages and for all tastes. Airmail shipping costs 4.95 euros and they ship worldwide. You can thank me later.

– Body jewelry

When I used to wear earplugs, I really liked shopping here:


Based in: Polegate, UK

Just Eros has a pretty wide range of earplugs, as well as aftercare products for your lobes. They also have a small section with a few tips for a stretching your lobes without hurting yourself, which was quite useful for me. 🙂


Based in: Chur, Switzerland

Crazy Factory is one of the best body jewelry websites ever. Their products are cheap and very good. They ship worldwide. 🙂

That’s all for today, happy shopping, remember to buy responsibly! 🙂

Love, Vica x

#LoveWins 🏳️‍🌈

My first post on my brand new blog (and I really hope it will be my last attempt to set up a decent one) deals with an event that happened this morning in the US. Yes, I am talking about Marriage Equality! In all 50 states!! How great is this?!?! I’ve always supported gay rights, and while I’m waiting for my country to extend marriage rights to homosexual couples, I feel the need to express my happiness for those who can finally feel 100% free to love whoever they want!

In this article from the long road to same-sex marriage is explained quite well: it took more than 10 years for homosexuals from all over the States to gain a right other people have always taken for granted.


I wish it wouldn’t be so difficult for all European countries to understand that marriage it’s only about love, and not just procreation, and that having the same rights as everyone else makes “different people” feel a little less “different”. I’ve met lots of gay and lesbian young people in my life, and I’ve seen them being treated differently in public places (e.g. at school, from their own teachers) and even being rejected from their parents and from their friends, and it’s not cool not being able to help someone you love like you wish you could.

To all the gay people out there still waiting to be treated like “normal” people, hold on. Love will win again, like it won today.

Vica x